Fox Energy Innovations, LLC

Renewable Energy Policy and Technology


Headquartered in Aiken, South Carolina, Fox Energy Innovations represents clients throughout the U.S. We are a woman-owned small business, specializing in energy policy development and materials analysis. 

Our scientists have been active in the R&D industry for almost two decades. We’re in tune to the needs of the modern energy economy and have monitored its evolution from the days of heavy investment in fossil fuels to the clean energy economy of today.

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Areas of Expertise


We support the expansion and development of community solar projects around the U.S.  We provide guidance and expertise to municipalities, non-profits, utilities, and tribal organizations seeking to expand solar access for their customers and members.


Careful policy development can help rapidly expand access and decrease the cost of renewable energy installations.  Working with all stakeholders, we analyze energy policy best practices and can make specific recommendations for your needs.


We are experts in the development of novel technologies for the concentrated solar power, natural gas, and petroleum industries.  Our expertise also extends to materials science for demanding applications in the nuclear industry, and for the responsible treatment and disposal of nuclear waste.



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