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Elise Bickford Fox, Ph.D.

Dr. Elise Fox has a background in the chemical characterization of materials and has more recently focused on the development and tracking of energy policy.  She has previous experience in quality control and she studied gas purification and production from renewable resources while at the Pennsylvania State University. She is currently employed as a Fellow Engineer at Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL).

Her research specialty is renewable energy policy.  Current projects include the reduction of soft costs of photovoltaics in the Southeastern US and expanding access to renewable energy for low to middle income communities. She served on the Subcommittee on Energy Use and Resources and the Subcommittee on Renewable Energy for the development of the South Carolina (SC) State Energy Plan in 2016.  She has over 40 peer-reviewed publications, two patents, and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for Energy & Fuels. Dr. Fox is also a Member of the Board of Directors for the South Carolina Solar Council and the South Carolina Biomass Council.  Her consulting experience includes advising teams around the U.S. as they compete in the Department of Energy's Solar in Your Community Challenge. She helped author the American Chemical Society's policies on Hydraulic Fracturing, Climate, and Energy.



The Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D., Materials, 2006

College of Charleston
B.S., Chemistry, 2001

Activities & Affiliations

  • Fellow of The American Chemical Society (ACS)

  • ACS Committee on Environmental Improvement: Executive Committee

  • ACS Division of Energy & Fuels: Councilor and Past Chair

  • South Carolina Biomass Council: Past Chair of the Board of Directors

  • South Carolina Solar Council: Chair of the Board of Directors



chief operating officer

Kevin M. Fox, Ph.D.

Dr. Fox has a background in structure/property relationships in ceramic materials, with a concentration on high temperature deformation of ceramic composites and advanced microstructural characterization techniques. He studied Spark Plasma Sintering of ceramic-metal composites at Nihon University in Japan as the recipient of a National Science Foundation fellowship, and has previous experience as an engineer at OSRAM Sylvania in the development and production of alumina arc tubes for sodium vapor lamps.  He is currently Fellow Engineer in the Environmental Stewardship Directorate of the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL).

Dr. Fox’s current research focus is the development of innovative waste form compositions for the immobilization of nuclear wastes. Most recently, he has worked to further the understanding of crystallization in high level waste glasses to allow for maximizing the incorporation of waste constituents, and developed compositions for high waste concentration cementitious waste forms to minimize disposal volumes. He oversees international programs with researchers in the U.K., China, and Russia to improve the production and long term durability of nuclear waste forms.

Dr. Fox has authored more than 30 peer-reviewed publications, co-edited 6 volumes, and has given more than 50 technical society presentations.  His consulting experience includes ceramic and glass failure analysis for residential and commercial insurance investigations, and the development of ceramic and glass components for service in challenging environments related to energy production.



The Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, 2005

Alfred University
B.S., Ceramic Engineering, 2000

Activities & Affiliations

  • The American Ceramic Society: Board of Directors, Fellow

  • ACerS Nuclear and Environmental Technology Division: Advisor, Past President

  • Keramos National Ceramic Engineering Fraternity: Board of Directors,Past President


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